Blue cave Scuba diving

Have you ever wondered what it is like to breathe underwater? Now you want to do that? It’s your first ?don’t worry. Our blue cave diving tour is for you. Our friendly professional instructors will make sure your first underwater experience is SAFE and FUN.
This is not only for beginners. But also for experience divers too. Clear water around blue cave area is home for many fishes. The blue cave itself is a very interesting experience.​

¥8,500 /Person

Time Required: 2 Hour
​Target age: 10+

Tour Schedule
  • AM: 6:00/8:00/10:00

  • PM: 12:30/14:30/16:30

What to bring.​

  • Swimwear / Towel /Beach sandal​

Please be sure to read

Book online

体験予約サイト「楽天トラベル観光体験」から予約すると 41% 割引でご予約が可能です!

On-site payment

¥8,500 /person


  • 真栄田岬内の駐車場内にて現地集合・現地解散となります。

  • 送迎をご希望の際は、予めお問い合わせをお願いします。

  • 岬内が遊泳禁止の場合、ツアーの中止または近隣のビーチでの催行となります。

  • ​スポット変更によるキャンセルの場合、キャンセル料が発生いたします。