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1. What should I bring?
# swimwear # towels # beach sandals
2.  Is there place to change clothes?
There are changing rooms, showers, coin lockers,toilets in the facility.
3. What are the age limits for the tour?
# For normal snorkeling tour you must be 6 years old.
# For scuba diving, 10 years old.
# Private,Family snorkeling tour, 3 years old.
4. Can I join the tours even if it’s my first time or I can’t swim?
Our experience staffs will support you firmly during whole tour. For snorkeling you will wear a life jacket. Always you will be afloat. We help with swimming too.
5. Do you have tours during rain?
Yes, to be honest rain doesn’t effect our tours. Anyway you will get wet when you enter the sea.
But during strong wind and high waves WE MAY CHANGE THE TOUR SIGHT or CANCEL the tour for your safety.
​6. Can we fly after diving?
No, you can’t participate our DIVING tours at the same day of flying ( departure). But there is no problem joining our tours on the day you arrive. For snorkeling tours there is no problem about flying.
7. I have a very bad eyesight. Can I use glasses?
You can’t use glasses. We recommend you to wear contact lenses. We also have prescription masks.
8. How deep we dive?
Maximum depth for beginner is 12 meters. Normally we go around 5 to 10 meters.
9. How do I pay?
You pay us at the meeting point. All our prices doesn’t include consumption tax. If you pay by cash we give you 8% cash discount. If you pay by credit card we will add 8% consumption tax. Please contact us in advance to pay by credit card.
10. What is you cancellation policy?
We do not charge you if your flight is canceled due to natural disasters. Or when we can’t arrange the tour because of storms and sea conditions. But if you cancel because of change of the tour sites or for your convenience, we will charge you. 50% will be charge if you cancel 2 days before and 100% one day before or the same day.
11. Can you pick up us from the hotel?
Normally we don’t offer pick up service. We always ask our customers to meet us at Cape Maeda. But depend on our secluded we may arrange the pick up. Please don’t hesitate to ask.
12. What does you price include?
Our price include all the equipment fees,insurance fees feeding fish, and tour pictures.
13. How can I get my tour pictures?
End of the tour we will transfer all your pictures to your smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone with you at the spot, we send it by email the next night.
14. Do I need parents signature on participant form?
If you are not 20 years-old , your form must be signed by your parents. Please don’t forget to bring it. We may refuse your entry if you don’t have the form.
15. What will happen if I am late for the tour?
Always try your best to be at meeting point 15 minuets early. In case you are getting late please contact us as soon as possible. So we can arrange your tour at next available time slots.
16. How can we contact you on the tour day?
Normally we don’t offer pick up service. We always ask our customers to meet us at Cape Maeda. But depend on our secluded we may arrange the pick up. Please don’t hesitate to ask.
17. I want many pictures and videos, can I bring my own camera?
All our tours include tour pictures for free. We don’t recommend you to bring your own because many people losses or damage their camera. We will not take any responsibility of its safety. And our insurance doesn’t cover it.
We also have GoPro video service as option. If you want unlimited pictures and video, you can rent our Gopro and the guide will take video for you. 3000/ camera.
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