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Tour schedule


① Meeting point

10 minutes from Ishikawa I.C. Search for "Island Club" on your car navigation system or use the address search. Google Map is recommended. If your navigation system supports map codes, search with [206 063 122*87


② Briefings

Staffs who will escort you to the tour will brief you.
We will explain very politely and clearly, so everyone can relax and enjoy the tour.


③ Practice

First of all, we will practice the basic skills at shallow area. ( around 1 meter deep ). You will learn how to use the equipment and breath underwater.
We will support you in a kindly manner,so everyone will get used it very quickly. Even if it’s your first time.


④ Lets go to Blue cave.

When you get used to equipment and water we will slowly escort you to the blue cave. You will encounter lots of fish and sea creatures.
We offer fish feeding and tour pictures for free.


⑤ End of the tour.

After nearly 45-50 minuets enjoying the beautiful sea we will come back to the shore. Take a shower and feel refreshed.
Don’t forget to get your pictures.
Hope you enjoy the time with us. Thank you and see you again.

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